Live Classes

February Class Bundle

The class bundle includes access to all live sessions, excluding Scalping Masterclass.

You'll get:

  • Intro to Stocks + Options
  • The Options Chain
  • Risk Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Candlesticks
  • Mastering Discipline



New Sessions




Intro to Stocks + Options

Brand new to the stock market? This class is for you. During this introductory class we'll lay the foundation to help you navigate the stock market. We'll go over stocks, indexes, ETFs, dividends, and stock options.


The Options Chain

Join us as we break down how to navigate the Options Chain, develop a trading plan, and how to choose your options contracts.


Risk Management

The goal of trading is to not only lock in profits. but also protect what you already have. During this class, you'll gain a basic foundation of risk management. We'll go over hedging strategies as well as implementing stop losses. We'll also go over ways to manage trading emotions.


Technical Analysis

Charting is essential to being successful in the stock market. The Technical Analysis Masterclass is an introduction to Charting. We'll discuss charting platforms and chart setup for beginners. We'll also go over reading candlesticks, reversals and continuation patterns, time frame and commonly used indicators.


Mastering Discipline

During this live session we'll do a deeper dive into trading psychology. We'll discuss strategies to help you master discipline, greed, and fomo.



Join us for a session dedicated to candlesticks and gain a deeper understanding of price action.


Scalping Masterclass: Psychology

During this session, we'll break down our favorite scalping strategy. In addition to the technical aspect of scalping, we'll dive into psychology of live trading and strategies to become more efficient from market preparation to trading execution.