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STRAT-tember: The Strat Bootcamp

Join us for an intensive 5-day bootcamp dedicated to The Strat.

You'll get:

  • Intro to The Strat
  • Structures + Signals
  • Timeframe Tactics
  • Risk + Rewards
  • Strat in Action




Scalping Masterclass





Intro to The Strat

Begin your journey into "The Strat" with a comprehensive introduction. Day 1 establishes the foundational pillars of this powerful trading strategy. From its origins to its core tenets, immerse yourself in the basics that have made "The Strat" a game-changer in trading. Dive into an overview of technical analysis and get a glimpse of broad market structures pivotal to "The Strat". Concluding the day, participants will engage in a hands-on assignment, merging theory with practical insights. Start your transformative journey on the right foot, equipped and inspired

Structures + Signals

Delve deeper into "The Strat" with a focused exploration of its core elements. Day 2 unveils the intricacies of Broad Market Structures, providing participants with the tools to decipher market movements. With hands-on activities and real market examples, learn how to spot and interpret the key signals that form the backbone of this dynamic trading strategy. As the day unfolds, merge theory with practice, building confidence and competence in harnessing "The Strat" to its fullest potential.

Timeframe Tactics

On Day 3, journey into the realm of Multi-Timeframe Analysis, a pivotal aspect of "The Strat". Grasp how different timeframes intersect and influence trading decisions. Through practical exercises and detailed insights, understand the power of timeframe continuity and its role in optimizing trade entries and exits. This day ensures participants gain a robust understanding of how to seamlessly integrate timeframes, enhancing prediction accuracy and trading outcomes. Dive in, synchronize, and strategize.

Risk + Rewards

Embark on Day 4 with a deep dive into the essential art of risk management tailored for "The Strat". Understand the significance of safeguarding your investments while maximizing potential returns. With a blend of theory and hands-on exercises, uncover the Strat-specific techniques for position sizing, setting stop losses, and marking profit targets. By day's end, participants will be armed with the skills to navigate the volatile waves of trading, ensuring they sail smoothly towards their financial goals. Secure your strategy; amplify your achievements

Strat in Action

Conclude the bootcamp with an exhilarating dive into real-time market analysis using "The Strat". Day 5 empowers participants to piece together the week's learnings and apply them confidently in live scenarios. Engage in collaborative sessions to craft personalized trading plans, ensuring a roadmap for post-bootcamp success

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